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  •        山西省定襄县亚东法兰有限公司位于中国能源重化工基地,山西省西北部锻造之乡定襄县境内,佛教圣地五台山脚下,在忻阜公路三十七公里处,距阎锡山故居一公里外,交通方便,煤炭电力资源丰富,通讯快捷。
      我厂生产的法兰盘,执行美标ANSI B16.5、德标DIN、英标BS4504、日标JIS、B2220、及意标UNI等国家标准,主要品种有焊接,搭接,承窝,滑套,螺纹,盲板,平板等七个品种1/2-64"30余种规格,远销日本、南韩、加拿大、东南亚、南美、西欧等国家和地区,质量优良,服务周到深受国内外客商、用户赞赏和信赖。
      Yadong  Forging Factory is situated in the well-known forging home-DingXiang country,Shanxi Province,P.R.C..At the foot of the famous Buddhist Mountain-with fairly convenient trafffic and communication facilities,its conditions are pretty good for the customers.
      The flanges made in our factry are in accordance with ANSI B16.5,DIN,BS4505,JIS,BZ220,UNI.The main products are welding necks,sliding bushes,thread flanges,blind plates and flat plates,with specifications varying from 1/2"to64".The products have a good market in Canada,Japan,Southeast Aisa,South America and West Europe.Characterized by reliable quality,all our products are rell received by customers.Besides meeting the needs of domestic markets,our produces have a good market in many other comtries and areas.
      Adding to the principle of hononring contact and keeping business cedit,our company will,as always,welcome business peopel form all parts of the world to our factory either for bussiness negotions or friendship on the basis of quailty and mutud benefit,so as to make an effort for common development.